Field updates are normally updated every Monday between 12 pm and 5 pm. 

This message was updated 7/29/2019

Welcome to the ICC 2 update for the week of 7/29!  

Brown Crew continues to work outside of McCall in the Payette National Forest this week!  After a weekend in town, they hiked back in to their home away from home in the trees.  Still surrounded by awesome wildlife and lakeside views, Brown crew keeps working farther down the trail building drainage structures and doing fun rockwork.

ORANGE and Red
Orange and Red crew have reunited again on the Continental Divide Trail near the Idaho / Montana border. Digging new trail is hard but satisfying work, and the crews are making some great progress.  With supplies packed in by mules, and forest service partners working alongside,  the crews are making great trail and  memories!

After a surprise trip to town for a much deserved shower, the crew is back in the Sawtooth National Forest.  Deep in the Pioneer Mountains at a new backcountry camp location, the crew has new trail to explore while they discover their own leadership abilities!

Send Care Packages and Mail to Participants!

Mail and packages (shoebox size or smaller) will be delivered to crews each Friday.  

Send Mail and Packages to :
Participant's Name
Crew color 
c/o Idaho Conservation Corps
5657 Warm Springs Ave
Boise, ID 83716

Items can also be dropped off in person if you  live nearby.